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DIADEMS & SIRTEQ Quantum Technologies Workshop (14-15 Sept. 2017)

Published on: Sep 18 2017

On 14-15 Sept. 2017, Thales Research & Technologies (Palaiseau, France) hosted the DIADEMS & SIRTEQ Quantum Technologies Workshop, an industry-oriented event organised jointly by the European FP7 project DIADEMS and the French regional project SIRTEQ.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion and networking between academic and industrial communities interested in the huge potential of quantum technologies, and to help them build new collaborations.

The event covered the four pillars of the Quantum Technology Flagship (Quantum Communication, Quantum Computation, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Sensing/Metrology), while putting additional focus on Enabling Technologies. The programme offered talks from academic and industrial speakers, as well as poster sessions and a round table to efficiently promote dialogue and discussion.

Altogether, some 130 participants, including 21 speakers and 26 poster presenters, attended the workshop, which was a huge success receiving multiple, very positive feedback.