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External Events


DIADEMS at the Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2016

Event date: Mar 09 2016 - Mar 11 2016
Location: Hasselt, Belgium | Duration: 3 days

From 9-11 March 2016, the 21st edition of the international Hasselt Diamond Workshop took place at the cultuurcentrum in the city centre of Hasselt, Belgium.

Most of the 15 DIADEMS partners were represented at this three-day event, traditionally dedicated to the progress in science and applications of CVD diamond. Two partners (University of Ulm, CNRS) participated as invited speakers, giving talks on Light matter quantum interface based on single colour centres in diamond and Growth of CVD diamond films on different crystalline orientations. The other attending partners presented their research results achieved as part of the DIADEMS project in eight out of altogether 14 different sessions.

In other terms, the Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2016 was a perfect opportunity for DIADEMS to disseminate its project results.