Funded by the European Union under Future and
Emerging Technology (FET) initiative of the 7th Framework Program

Work structure

WP 1 : Theory

Begin : M1 - End : M48

WP1 will carry out theoretical analysis and computation work to implement the objectives listed above. The results will be forwarded to relevant experimental groups for use in the design of their experimental tools and measurements.

WP 2 : Material - Engineering of ultrahigh purity diamond wafer

Begin : M1 - End : M48

In WP2 the technology of a) ultra-pure homoepitaxial diamond growth, b) shallow doping with NV- by implantation and gas phase doping, c) fabrication of thin plates, d) membranes, e) tips with tip-diameters in the nano-meter regime and f) tip transfer to on AFM cantilevers will be established, optimized and developed.

Ultimate goals are to establish a reproducible diamond nano-technology

WP 3 : Development of diamond sensing technology

Begin : M1 - End : M36

WP3 will develop all the tools needed to enhance the performance of current NV-based magnetometers and transform them from the laboratory-state to application-ready machines for commercial use.

WP 4 : Optical interfacing

Begin : M1 - End : M36

The resulting enhanced sensing power of our technologies will promote NV-based sensors to tools ready for real-life applications.

WP4 contains tasks, which focus on individual photonic components, such as optical cavities (T4.1, T4.2) and waveguides (T4.4) required to achieve our goals. With the technologies for these components established, we will integrate and interface them with our NV-based sensor technologies, to yield compact magnetometer devices (T4.3) or optimized scanning probes (T4.4) for nanoscale NV magnetometer.

WP5 : Demonstrating applications

Begin : M12 - End : M48

Since WP5 aims at direct demonstration of applications in different fields of science that are not directly related, the tasks described below are not directly linked together. The results obtained in each task will be communicated to the relevant WPs of the project as feedbacks that would be used to optimize the magnetic sensor performances required for each application.

WP6 : Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation

Begin : M1 - End : M48

In DIADEMS all partners will contribute to the dissemination of the project results and achievements through publications, participation to conferences and events, a public website and other dissemination means such as public workshops.

WP 7 : Project management

Begin : M1 - End : M48

In DIADEMS the management tasks are shared between two partners:

- THALES, the project coordinator and main industrial partner, will ensure the strategic, financial and contractual management of the consortium.

- ARTTIC, an SME specialised in project management which has proven its skills in the efficient management of large international RTD collaborations for over 25 years, will ensure the day-to-day operational project management and provide the consortium with its project management experience, methods and tools.