Funded by the European Union under Future and
Emerging Technology (FET) initiative of the 7th Framework Program

Project Objectives

This project is motivated by the highly interesting and novel results of recent work on NV- centres in diamond carried out by the members of DIADEMS and others worldwide. DIADEMS brings together European leaders of NV- centre research who are pioneers in this research area. This project is expected to strengthen further Europe’s leading position
The main objectives of the DIADEMS project are to design and build NV- based scanning probe magnetometer with high sensitivity (<10nT/Hz1/2) and spatial resolution (<10 nm) for electron and nuclear spin imaging at ambient and cryogenic (4K) temperatures:

  1. Design and build wide-field imaging magnetometer with spatial resolution of 300 nm and sensitivity <1nT/Hz1/2.
  2. Fabricate photonic cavities for direct coupling of a single NV- centre to the optical cavity mode for enhanced optical initialisation/readout of the NV centre.
  3. Develop theoretical schemes of continuous dynamic decoupling for environmental noise reduction to enhance spin coherence time of the NV- centre.
  4. Perform ab initio simulations of the influence of surface termination and defects on the magnetic and optical properties of the NV- centre.
  5. Design and implement the use of the above devices and tools on three applications and compare the results with the outcomes of the theoretical schemes and simulations in three different fields:
  • Data storage: calibration and optimization of write/read magnetic heads;
  • Biomedical: wide-field imaging of neuronal networks and magnetic resonance imaging of single spins;
  • Spintronics: imaging of electron spin density in graphene and carbon nanotubes.