Funded by the European Union under Future and
Emerging Technology (FET) initiative of the 7th Framework Program

DIADEMS Partners



The Quantum Sensing Group at the University of Basel has been funded in 2012 and specializes in the use of individual quantum systems for challenging tasks in nanoscale sensing and imaging. The group is particularly interested in the use of NV-center based magnetometers for studying mesoscopic systems under cryogenic and ambient conditions, exemples for which include spin- and charge transport in graphene and carbon nanotubes. A special focus of the group lies on scanning NV magnetometry based on single crystalline, all-diamond scanning probes. Members of the group have pioneered this promising nanoscale sensing technology and will further pursue advanced approaches to diamond nanofabrication within DIADEMS.
The quantum sensing group currently consists of three PhD students, three postdocs and several undergraduate students.

Role in the project

- Coordination WP4
- Crogenic NV Magnetometry
- Fabrication of all-diamond scanning probes