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The Quantum Optics group at the physics department of Saarland University (USAAR) has been founded in 2005.The group has demonstrated experience in the fields of spectroscopy, quantum optics and cavity quantum electrodynamics with colour centres in diamond and single photon nonlinear optics. Current research is focused on efficient narrow-band single photon sources at room-temperature; generation and optical spectroscopy of novel colour centres in diamond; fabrication of diamond nanocrystals for
efficient photon collection; coupling of colour centres to optical micro-cavities for enhanced single photon emission and realization of atom-photon-interfaces; design, fabrication and investigation of
photonic crystal cavities in diamond; investigation of diamond photonic microcavities for optomechanics; and frequency conversion of single photons from the visible spectral range to the telecommunications band.

Role in the project

The project will benefit from the group’s expertise in production and investigation of micro- and nanophotonic cavities in diamond. Furthermore, the group will provide necessary infrastructure for pursuing the research tasks, in particular a well equipped laboratory with diamond fabrication and nano-manipulation equipment as well as two micro-photoluminescence setups (including confocal microscopes, high-sensitivity spectrometers, photon correlation setups).

Personnel Involved

Christoph Becher is head of the Quantum Optics group at USAAR. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics, from the University of Kaiserslautern. He is a full professor in experimental physics at Saarland University with more than 15 years experience in the field of quantum optics and quantum information with atomic and solid-state systems. With regard to the project he has gained experience in colour centre spectroscopy, fabrication of micro- and nanophotonic cavities, simulation of optomecahnical cavities and experiments in cavity quantum electrodynamics with colour centres in diamond. He will serve as a PI in the project.