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Emerging Technology (FET) initiative of the 7th Framework Program

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The accelerator Lab in Leipzig operates three linear ion accelerators and provides all types of ions with kinetic energies between a few hundreds eV and several MeV. The lab is equipped with a semiconductor lab as well as several analytic methods. We developed special techniques to implant single ions with nm lateral resolution e.g. to produce shallow NV centres in diamond bulk materials or nano-clusters. The lab is associated with the IOM Leipzig institute and has admission to a 10 MeV electron accelerator. This provides an increase of the NV production yield.

Role in the project

ULEI is able to perform all types of ion implantation in an energy range from 500 eV to several MeV. This range corresponds to an implantation depth from a few nm to several ┬Ám. At any energy, the implantation fluence can be tuned from single ion implantation with high spatial resolution to high density implantation over large areas. ULEI is able to fabricate maskless structures of NV-centres with a lateral resolution below 15 nm. ULEI further allocates X-Ray irradiation, several microscopy techniques for inspection (like a super resolution microscope), clean room facilities, heating devices.