Funded by the European Union under Future and
Emerging Technology (FET) initiative of the 7th Framework Program

DIADEMS Partners



The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF) is a leading science and technology centre in the field of micro and nano-structured compound semiconductors and devices made from synthetic diamond. Research and development is focused on micro and optoelectronic circuits, modules and systems for applications in safety, security and communication systems as well as for medical applications and environmental protection. The institute features a cutting-edge semiconductor process line, thus being able to provide leading edge devices, circuits and modules with the highest functionalities as prototypes or in small quantities. Our national and international partners in research and technology are the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), national state governments, the European Commission, and industrial enterprises.

Role in the project

In this project IAF will apply our diamond homoepitaxial technology to grow ultra-pure isotopically enriched diamond. After NV formation (done in collaboration with other institutes) by shallow implantation IAF will map the NV location using confocal PL and deposit a metal etching mask by focussed ion beam metal deposition. To generate single crystalline diamond tips IAF will apply oxygen ICP etching for the fabrication of tips in the nano-meter regime with NV in the very tip for magnetometry. These tips will be singulated by a laser cutting step and mounted on AFM cantilevers for application and characterization by project colleagues.