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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s first university, is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research. For over 80 years, Hebrew University researchers publish widely in leading international scientific and scholarly journals, conduct collaborative research projects with noted scholars from other countries and compete successfully for research grants from international and national funding sources (ERC, FP7, NIH, DFG, Human Frontier, Howard Hughes, ISF). The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been ranked among the top universities in the world in two comprehensive surveys conducted by The Times Higher Education Supplement of London and Shanghai University.
The Racach institute, established in 1931, houses 34 members that span all the areas of physics. The activity in the institute includes both theoretical and experimental research with a high degree of collaboration between theoretical and experimental physicists.
The research will be conducted under the roof of the quantum information centre, a newly established centre composed of 17 researchers from physics, mathematics, engineering, computer science and chemistry. The centre was established in order to increase the collaboration between researchers in different areas which is essential in this interdisciplinary field. This feature of the institute is extremely important for the research conducted in which collaborations with researchers from other fields are extremely important.

Role in the project

As part of the research, the group will work on proposing new protocols for sensing schemes. These protocols would be based on ideas taken from dynamical decoupling and quantum information on which Alex Retzker has been working in the past few years. In particular the group will work on optimizing the signal to noise ratio of the sensing protocols in terms of the various control parameters of the problem.