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DIADEMS Partners



Laboratoire Aimé Cotton (CNRS-LAC) is a CNRS unit associated to Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and Université Paris-Sud. Located in Orsay, the laboratory consists of approximately 140 persons, with a very strong tradition of research in atomic and molecular physics and its frontiers. The laboratory is currently directed by Jean-François Roch.
The team of Vincent Jacques and Jean-François Roch has built during the last years several microscopy setups which are at the state-of-the-art for the study of defects in diamond and their applications in nanophotonics, withe demonstration of single-photon interference and quantum information. The group has also developed a strong expertise in the fabrication and control of nitrogen-vacancy defects in nanodiamonds. This has been one of the cornerstones leading to the development of a NV-based scanning magnetometer. The apparatus, which was funded by the French research funding agency ANR through the project “Retour post-doctorant” attributed to Vincent Jacques in 2009, is fully operational at room temperature. It led to strong collaborations with research groups specialized in nanomagnetism for the mapping of magnetic vortices and domain walls in ferromagnetic structures.

Role in the project

The DIADEM project will benefit from the expertise of CNRS-LAC in the development of scanning-probe magnetometry with single NV defects in diamond. In WP3, CNRS-LAC will optimize the performances of NV-based magnetometry from room temperature to cryogenic temperature operation, and will develop next-generation of sensor heads with a sensitivity in the 1pT.Hz1/2 range. These devices will then be used in WP5, first to calibrate and optimize write/read magnetic heads of future high-density magnetic storage disks, and then to image the electron spin density in graphene and carbon nanotubes at cryogenic temperature