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Created in 1987, ARTTIC is a European provider of management services for international collaborative R&D projects. The ARTTIC group comprises several companies with offices in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Israel. ARTTIC's total staff adds up to about 75 persons, all specialised in the provision of advice and practical assistance in the set-up and management of international R&D collaborations.

Role in the project

ARTTIC is in charge of the project office. ARTTIC provides methods and tools to support the collaboration within the consortium and to manage the project. This includes
1. Provision of web-based collaborative tools: a secured web platform based on IBM QuickR technology, a web conference and collaborative work and an online reporting tool gathering input from the participants
2. Quality and management plans to facilitate the collaboration and a proper handling of all contractual obligations covering decision process, reporting, financial management, deliverable development and approval process, IPR management, contractual review preparation, dissemination
3. A series of reporting tools based essentially on performance indicators (deliverable, milestones and intermediary results follow-up graphs, resources (person month and budget), planning, action lists, risk register, recovery plans, technical indicators related to the project objectives)
ARTTIC supports the consortium in the daily administrative and contractual tasks to ensure the collaboration is working, the project is properly monitored and decisions and actions are prepared and taken according to the project progress and contractual obligations.
An important aspect of the role of ARTTIC is also to simplify as much as possible the contractual work requested from the researchers and to develop a collaborative spirit inside the consortium